Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 2013

A iPhone 5 in the hand while driving or getting there .. To be remembered ..


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bergsig Happened Again

So .. Here we say Bergsig rules ! Once again .. In every respect - service, facilities, hospitality, the animals there - "everyone" is how you want them to be  - invisible and prompt ..

A self portrait with giraffes around is not my thing, although a very tempting thought after this last visit past weekend - a feast for the senses once again, in every respect. Haven't fought off so many (poisonous?) spiders and bugs in my life before, and then the light - it was probably the best thing this time around.

Here is a taste below .. I just like the B&Ws, don't bitch and attack a iPhone shooter now, I'm tired of colour today .. And i also wanted to share this place's "luminosity" side of wonderful i guess .. The 2 films shot there are still to be developed and spell their own deja vu magic

The light of Africa. The light of Bergsig .. The light i'll take with me when i go far north one day, finally..

In no particular order, except for No 1, the immediacy of every arrival there ;-)