Thursday, December 22, 2011

Remembering Canon G11

This camera continues to amaze me after leaving me early in our relationship - this time with selected street images, which i revisited yesterday and processed them again.

Lets see again how close it can get to "no this cannot be a G11 shot" ..

Do these 12 images build a case for a G12 .. I guess so .. Mt Bailey, bring your new G12 back soon, we need to test it in the field !

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The pain of PP

I might have not yet got there with the workflow, but one thing im getting shouting in my face as of late : End result comparison method is as important as the shooting settings !

What the argument is, without getting in much detail, is this : 

Whether a function of our brain or not, we cannot simply pick up a LCD, an image, run a preset / processing and look at the end result and "conclude" on its absolute quality and merits.. 

It seems for me, that a far better option is to compare few results from different shoots with the same camera (!) - next to each other, using / having developed them with a selected short list of "emulsions".  And only then make a call, critically observing for the following 6 in no particular order :

1. Color Cast and hue shift of any type
2. Badly blown highlights, which should not be blown at first place using a particular camera
3. Crushed blacks / shadows beyond acceptable levels for a given image / scene
4. Loss of 3D / film look, due to HDR introduction / destruction for digital perfection
5. Gradation and banding disasters in large, flat areas
6. Losing the white in the whites and the black in blacks for the creeping grey in them ..

This is it .. I stop here .. Have a look at this - which one is the way it was and how about which one is best, irrespective of the way it was :

I myself after spending late nights on this, found this to be the shortest way to confirming of which processing out of them all is "im there, and in analogue way". 

Your mileage may vary ..

Saturday, December 17, 2011

iPhone 4 shooting a roll of Rollei Retro 80s

Yes, that is true ! If you do not believe me see scans below .. 

All from a recent trip to Sofia, Bulgaria .. This film loves low light, maybe because of its spectral characteristics, or something else .. All i know is that i love this film in the iPhone.

Let the shooting season of Rollei begin !

Developer and temperature / timings / agitation - on request


Here are few links which make me feel reassured that im on the right track per se ..

There is much more online if you look well, and there are some flops with this amazing film too, imho - i believe i came across a few that did no look this film at all ..

So long ..