Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alpine happens

Alpine is there, and eventually / still happens..

Few absences recorded using my Leica Minilux and Nikon 28Ti - two cameras which love this place as much as i love them.


The purpose of photography

A thought has been bugging me in the recent months : Why shooting at all ? What's the purpose of my photography?

Here are the 7 mantras from my "mechanical analysis" of my reasons to photograph . Not that i'll stop shooting without such analytical platform ..

  • Photography as Time travel / escape to better times. The only presently available time travel, one very elegant way to freeze time, people, places for later revisit - that is photographing them now
  • The love for Magical Realism. Magical Realism, or even better explained here, is the type of art which shakes my senses and world. The type i strive to produce and perfect. The camera as a tool to record not what is there, but what is not there .. the absences of things.
             "Loosely speaking, magical realism can refer to works in which fantastical elements are subtly introduced into 
              a highly detailed, realistic setting and then treated as normal in the course of the narrative."
  • The sense of achievement. Provided a highly critical view of own work is present, then selected few frames by the author can subjectively bring this (immensely) gratifying sense of achievement and completion. This can also be shared so easily with the world, online, in these days of Internet ..
  • A girl in front of the Camera. Girls want to undress for my camera, or want to be shot as in a model shoot and then pose in most wonderfully (stupid) ways. 
  • The film as receiving a present. Steve Huff (?) described the collection of a film from the lab as receiving a present .. I cannot but agree with him, having experienced very much this same feeling. So i receive presents every month these days.
  • The other Income stream.. It just might happen (one day) that some of the works get to be liked too much by someone and even purchased. Or simply given and made one happy, made both "donnor and recipient" happy .. Or published as a photo book in the local book store.
  • The film as input to oil work. I find this to be a good reason here, however infrequently it happens : There is something i'd like to put on a canvas, i snap it for later consideration ..
This is it .. Short and sweet .. Are you taking note ?!

Yes ? No ? Go out or go in and shoot now !


Friday, October 19, 2012

Spooky Melville

Could the Lomography CN400 be the film of choice for horrography ? Would have David Lynch loved this film if he was a photographer ? 

I think so ..

Freshly rescanned (in native look, no film targets) roll of a visit to the spooky city of Melville. All was missing there was a funny little man .. She was too scared to enter where i saw him  dancing on stage eventually - i saw him staring at us and almost went in ..

Could this film be capturing what is not there ??


Life Magazine and its Photographers

Greatly excited about this - Life Mag covering certain events from the last century ! I've picked up the once i would love to go through and also to have in my ever growing collection, and you can go directly there using the links below.

There is something for everyone there i believe.. and so much America then, and history, and no computers ..

And im not a MM fan - just to put the record straight, when you hit few with her below ..

Enjoy !


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Which one will you teach your child ..

To go the low hanging fruit path or the pie-in-the-sky one - in career/work, self development, life/relationship ? And yes, there is the golden middle .. Yet, can she (he) get anywhere really close to her dreams and have dreams at all for that matter, if she's a "person in the middle", a smooth sailing low achiever realist ?

Would love to debate this with somebody, and mostly with my daughter .. One day. At his point I'm almost certain that the three - career/work, self development, life/relationships - call for different proportions, if not absolute preference of the one or the other - if one is after .. what ? A financial success ? Career? Divine light ?

What say you ?


Monday, October 15, 2012

Thoughts on relationships and conditions on the outset

First part of Life fitting conditions, <30 yrs of age

No condoms
No smoking
No infidelity

Second part of Life great conditions, ~30 - 60 yrs of age

No marriage
No kids
No pubs and no clubs

Second First part of Life or 3rd part of life candidate conditions, ~60 - 100 yrs of age

No condoms
No smoking
No sleeping in the same room

Just a quick, male view to the smooth sailing ships.. Thanks Vus

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On Perfection

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.“

-- Antoine De St. Exupery

22880 .. Bistritza, Summer 1985


Arabs, few beduins, a gypsy and a 'lost in translation' tranny ..

1986 .. Or was it 1987 ? Kodachrome. Sofia like it'll never be again. French has a birthday (?) party, we get plastered.. And now i finally see which girl all arabs were going for .. She looks quite happy. Maybe she secretly liked arabs, must ask her one day if i see her again ..

The way we were.. Now, different is remotely similar in its absurd .. 


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Getting too dark ..

.. for Ektar 100 to remain THE Ektar 100 .. It's trying to be Lomography film now and succeeds in this often. 

The almost-within-reach absences thrive and ghosts are everywhere


Snow happens ..

and then melts away quickly, in northern South Africa, leaving uncertainty behind, and desire for a change that cannot be qualified in words.

Thank God for northern light in winter !


Monday, October 1, 2012

Why Digital is dead ..

Eric Kim's take on one of my favorite subjects-almost-events ..

It's like parallel universes of analogue minds or something .. What a read in a very slow late afternoon by the pool, in an early summer down here, which feels more like late fall hit by summer suddenly ..

God bless Eric Kim for sharing (some of) his soul and creating such a read !