Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Middle of Winter. Melville

Some more fun with Lomography CN 400 (shot at EV 0) - this time in the wonderful Nikon 28Ti (Thanks Chris!)

And here's one more reason why i cannot leave this place (easily) - it's the winter  here .. There is something crisp and very clean about it, borderline with magical in some days ..

Images below - no post processing after scan, no crop either - only some sharpening and resize for the web.

And at times it does look Kodachrome 64 to me, like below ..

Next is same night and same place as in Melville above - The Lucky Bean - and the wonderful night with Derek Gripper playing his new album and Gismonti, and shot with Natura 1600, pushed 2/3s 


Monday, July 9, 2012

Airports, Earth. Istanbul

A photo-experiment, while sleep-walking, Istanbul, very early morning after a bad long haul all way from Johannesburg .. The things we saw there ..


If Francesca Woodman was a fashion photographer

.. or just decided to leave the room and shoot a bit more and postpone the final trip.. She would have been called Deborah Turbeville .. And you can see why i say this here and here.

And i hope you enjoy this discovery as much as i did

So long ..

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ektar 100, Pushed. Nikon 28Ti

My first roll of Ektar .. When i saw what was coming out of the scanner i thought i had died and went to Heaven .. 

It does look Kodachrome 64, but with certain (beautiful) shortcomings of the Kodachrome 64 - tamed down, like the blue cast - it seems to me .. Could it be that i shot it pushed 1 stop, wanting to crush the shadows and increase contrast - just in case ? And how will it come out in the Leica ?

We'll all know soon ..

One thing is certain though - I can already see myself ordering tons more of this slide-looking negative.

Here are few fresh samples of what can be had with the Ektar 100 - just off the scanner. No digital darkroom, only batch sharpening and resize to 33% of original (2400dpi) scan ..

8 July Update

I was scanning using the "wrong profile" - Ektar 100 Gen I - which as it turned out, crated images rather of pushed lomography or maybe even pushed Kodachrome 64 ;-), than Ektar 100 .. Images below reuped using no profile - generic scan of what is there on the film ..

Original, Ektar Gen I profile scans :

And the Grace Hotel did not become ANC offices, but a Tsogo / Southern Sun hotel/property with seemingly wonderful champaign bar, and we also had complimentary drinks - they kindly refused my payment, and it is opening officially this Monday ! Yes!