Friday, March 30, 2012

D3 & the 50mm f1.8D

I've uploaded few photos taken yesterday with my new 50mm prime ..

I feel excited by the results, although, the bokeh could be a bit better - less outlined and jaggy. I feel that new (and long desired) capabilities are opening up with this lens and at it's fast end - have the world defocused, where it should be - is the first that comes to mind

The D3 does not feel so overwhelming anymore - to the extent that i am almost certain i will not have a tennis elbow remission - one very real fear, when shooting with the not so large / heavy Sigma 12-24.

Well .. here they are .. 

Just in time for autumn here .. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More answers to the same question ..

Came across this statement today, which i cannot but agree with :

"Bloggers in general and photographers in particular are not, by and large, attractive people (either physically or morally - they lose touch with reality)."

from this excellent review of D1x


Friday, March 16, 2012

The story behind the story behind the pictures

And it goes like this ..

One summer morning, room service came excited, dressed and prepared as requested - to  KG's room in Sete - only to find the last night only there, and no sign of KG. KG in the meantime, was waking up down on the beach thinking he must have a cigi first thing and then collect the pieces of last night. End of story.

You go boy !

Art & photos - courtesy of KG


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hermann Niebuhr, City Chromatic


Everything that epitomized my sense of absences and the crowds within, this city -  all was there, in front of me - that very day, in the Gallery on the Square, and it was like discovering Karl or even - Julio Cortazar in the days of youth. I should have bought this work there and then, and even later, when I contacted Hermann and had a few chats .. but thats another story within the story, like Pat Metheny would say :-)

So, here we are .. We have a poet with a brush - Mr Karl Gietl (far away in another South), and here we have an Artist who writes documentaries .. again using a brush. Documentaries in red yellow and gentle black - the color of twilight in rainlight - of how this city is (or was?), how this city will be in your memory - once you get to see it through his eyes. 
If you only see this city and not only look at it often from afar, cautious and not taking chances .. 

There is a fine line between the ordinary that looks special and often new and the extraordinary which looks normal, yet is so intimate and so "there" .. For me, Hermann's art fits the latter in a beautiful "deja vu"  way .. The feeling of "finding yourself" when walking through Hermann's Jozi, downtown in the red and black drama of streets and buildings - washed in the rain and basking in this Jozi-only-light .. Have i died and gone to Heaven ?!

The city that sleeps in the sun and is wide awake in twilight. And yes - Karl left the door wide open - I'd like to humbly present to you a great artist, a documentalist of my heart - Mr Hermann Niebuhr !

Everard Reed, Rosebank, March 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

X10 visits Jozi

This camera continues to surprise me in the most of wonderful ways .. Today she visited Jozi, a quick visit, did not leave the car even, but saw things she liked.

I think i never felt so close to film until today and these few selected below should attest this to a large extent. I can only think of the L1 with the 14-50 Leica and and then the G11 - being very close to this rendering and focus, especially when considering that they were all taken from a moving car, while driving. The former - needed special treatment for magenta cast though, the latter - pretty close ito colors, overall balance and maybe  - contrast, but nothing like this resolution and DR .

And these are only 6MP images .. Virtually no PP ..


Friday, March 9, 2012

Rediscovering Jozi

Hugely impressed and inspired by the freshly opened exhibition of Herman, i created a preset and revisited an incidental recent shoot ..

A brief but heartfelt critic of Herman's show is in progress, and will be here before end of week, end of night, end of bottle ?