Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An answer .. Raising questions

A friend sent me this quote :

" It's not what you're looking at that matters, it's what you see "

Now things get a notch better clarity 

Thanks Chris !

Friday, August 26, 2011

G11 - Cape Town - Kodachrome 64

There are many images in this post .. 45 in total .. But i left out equally good ~300 !

These were taken in March in Cape Town and the winelands and few - in Langebaan, some 100 km north of CT, now processed with my latest revision of my Kodachrome 64 simulation, im still smiling when i write these lines ..

Kodachrome is alive and well down here, and it's development is officially on in my little dry darkroom ;-) And Cape Town is beautiful as ever, and G11 might just enter my house again if she can produce such negatives ..

I hope you enjoy and come down soon - this IS the dream city ..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Troyeville flashback

The place was rough and magical. We were younger and had plans and drank at the Troyeville hotel. 
Today .. i'm letting you see few images as if they were shot with Kodachrome 64 - the most fitting emulsion for there .. and then

I should have shot more "rolls" there .. A return to see Troyeville is due this summer ..

And in order to be fair to the place, but also because of this Kodachrome fever - here are few from around there, but this time shot with the G11