Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Vienna in November

Most certainly one of the wrong months in the year for this amazing city, yet, it proved quite fruitful from photographic standpoint. Wasn't the easiest of shoots at -1 to -3 C and first (wet) snow falling, and i dressed in a short jacket with the shale forgotten in the hotel, yet, it was amongst the biggest funs i had since the 2nd or was it the 3rd visit - to Bergsig !

So here are the technical details .. 3 films were used in the shots below : AGFA Photo CT Precisa 100 (fresh), Provia 400X (fresh) and Reala 100 - expired by 2 years .. Needless to say and preempting already - my fav shots are certainly those with the Reala 100, the "medieval" once .. 

All films in a Nikon 28 Ti. A bunch of shots were taken with the newly acquired Pentax MX-1 compact digital, which only impresses so far .. The Nikon refused to switch off and retract the lens at some point in the cold and i had a heart-sinking moment for a few seconds, but then it eventually woke up and shut and started ;-)

Finally i like shooting expired Reala at EV-1, after disastrous results at EV0or EV+1 - but this could have been me too .. The AGFA was shot either at EV+1 or EV0, following recommendations to pull this film, and the Provia 400X - at box speed - i get best results with it when shooting it uncorrected. All scans below a very slightly processed for exposure in certain cases, and sharpened for here. Scanned using Canon 9000F

On to the images : a mixed bag of street and Stephanplatz and surroundings, a sneak peak  into Stadtpark - all in all a fraction of what can be seen in this wonderful city ! 

In the heart of "medieval" Vienna please !

Stadtpark .. A lovely small park very close to the city centre .. Agfa CT Precisa ..

Finally, the pleasure to use the owner of a delightful digital output - the Pentax MX-1 .. All images below were taken handheld, no support .. It has its value and convenience in processing - both from cost as well as speed pov, yet, I'm constantly drawn back to film, to the Provia 400X in particular


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