Thursday, December 5, 2013

Norman Catherine

I'd like to humbly present to you, preview for you rather, one of the most amazing and inspiring contemporary SA artists, Mr Norman Catherine !

Presently still (?) at Everard Read in Rosebank, he has an exhibit, which could make you wonder and turn and leave, or, as in my case - sit, watch, walk, come back, while counting "the losses" if i toss a few tens of 000s for virtually any work displayed there .. 

Firmly decide to go back in the studio and get to work. Recall the humble man and great artist, Karl introduced me to one night in a Hollard event, years back. Take few shots to take with me to see in late at night.

And if i have to wrap it all up, in a single sentence, this has to be : A magical minimalism , one of a very special kind, which not only provokes questions and thoughts from our darker side, but also opens wide the flood gates of the subconscious. 

Go see for yourself ..

Camera : Leica Minilux, handheld. Film : Lomography Chrome X-Pro 100.

Smiling ? Happy you came to visit this blog ? OK .. go here then ..


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