Friday, December 13, 2013

Lumiere d'ete

Couldn't help it but share these few OOC shots .. Way too excited with the new Pentax - these are few quick shots from around the place ..

No processing of any sort .. 0, nada, nishto be, nishto - straight OOC and largish sizes here - for you to see what this MX-1 can do - I'm still discovering and learning this camera with a big smile plastered on my face ..

I hope that summer is finally here to stay .. no rain and major thunder / hail today, unreal !

To you - in the snow - i feel for you .. you can all come here with your families or alone, and we can do it like in the 60s. Names withheld for no particular reason ..



  1. Very clean. I like the interior shots especially. Perhaps someday if I visit SA I will get to hear this wonderful audio system. :-)

  2. Yes surprisingly clean for the sensor size .. System sings better with every change - now the CDP is out and Mac Mini as a music server in, over Synergistic Research Active USB wire - what a change that brought even if over a moderate performer DAC like the Streamer II. Come down and hear