Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kodachrome returns

In a vague attempt to revive something a like way too much - the Kodachromes of the 60s, 70s and 80s, i managed to get to the results below, which i consider best attempt to get to the Kodachrome to date - here, i feel i'm closer to a pushed Kodachrome 25 - in the sunlit shots, and to 64, in the no-sun shots - something, a "flexibility" i like ..

All in batch - with same preset. All shots with iPhone 5, via 645 Pro, and V50 mode .. Cannot wait for the rainy days to settle - can see images, Kodachrome 64, very blue in the red and very red n the green and just magic !

Film turns out a departure and a journey, digital remains the arrival here ..



  1. Dear Ilko,
    I've reached here for the Kodachrome obsession.
    I think you got the look better than many filter/presets around there.
    I would appreciate if you share your preset or directions on how to achieve the challenge.
    Please contact me on leandro.quintino at
    Thank you in advance.
    Leandro Quintino.
    Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

  2. Hi Leandro

    I'll write to you in the next few days .. My PP has changed since, yet i do get these results if not better.


  3. Dear Ilko,

    After seeing photographs shot by the famous photographer Steve McCurry I also liked the colours of Kodachrome (it was his main film). I tried to find any presets that could simulate the Kodachrome look but none of them made photos look as close to the original Kodachrome colors as your photographs.
    Please, share with me your findings of Kodachrome simulation if you can.

    Kind regards,
    Alexei Tarasov from Russia.

    My email is: orelinrussia at

  4. Hi Alexei

    Thank you for the appreciation of my efforts .. It has been so long though, since i worked in this particular workflow, and to be honest - may have lost the actual presets used here. However, i think i raised the game with K64 a bit further - have a look at my official site :

    If you like what you see there, i have the recipes for those, but they involve a Fuji X100S camera and you'll need LR 5.7 or above.

    Let me know

    Take care,

  5. I guess this below is best example what i consider Kodachrome 64 or how it could be / was shot in certain more rare cases shall i say ..

  6. Ilko, thank you for your quick reply!
    With current settings for your Fuji X100S your images look a little be different from those I saw on your blog. However they still look very good or even better than before!
    As for the Lightroom, it's even better because I planned to ask you about it in my second question if I get a positive answer from you :) I also use Lightroom. In addition I use Silkypix, I consider its work with colour much better. I am shooting Nikon D750. Of course your settings won't be the same for my files but I hope they will be a great starting point for me.

    Best regards,

  7. Thanks Alexei.

    At this point I'm taking this thread offline - i'll write to you shortly ..