Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shooting expired film

Got to shoot some (few years) expired film : a roll of 12 Ferrania Solaris 200HG, and a roll of 36 Fuji Reala 100 .. On a recent (3rd) visit to the wonderful Bergsig. Some of the images below, were also taken with my iPhone 5, and probably published somewhere here - they  cannot compare as impact to these below though, however hard it tried or succeeded in delivering this very same look.

Both films were underexposed 1 stop in a Nikon 28Ti - the opposite of what one should do with expired film i guess. Metering for mid tones and highlights in some. Standard C41 processing in my fav lab, down in Cresta. Scanned with a custom profile, using a Canon 9000F scanner, virtually untouched in PP, except for shadow lift in some and sharpening of all ..

Firstly few Solaris images ..

And now few Reala 100s ..

Not quite certain which look i prefer .. They very similar in any case .. Love the warmth of the Solaris .. One thing i know - i'll stop giving this rare now Reala 100 film to my good friend Vusi at cost, at any price for that matter - i love what i see - something i cannot get with digital, or the digital will require a largish camera bag to kill the magic of the Nikon in your pocket .. And i have very few Realas left in any case, all frozen to death as i write this ;-)

Anyway .. Lunch time Sunday it is, so off here for fine wine and jazz..


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