Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bergsig, we love you

End of June. Another visit. Same corner of paradise ..

Keywords : piece, quiet, giraffes and kameelperd, and more giraffes ;-), buck of all sorts, warm winter, walk in the bush, warthog, birds and noises of the bush, not a soul in sight, winter fires, oxygen , and lastly - millions of stars above

Evidently, the iPhone can shoot full res, noise free images, at virtually no light, while still preserving plenty detail (for what it is) - try the following 4 for measure

Finally, the trip won't be complete without sharing few from the also wonderful Mabalingwe and Zebula .. The former - for the setting, views / nature, the latter - mostly for the food and the game lying all over

What a better way to end it all, than at the Orient in Melrose Arch, feeding no end on hot Tom Yum, sushi and dim sum and the likes, while watching the winter outside on the streets ..



  1. Thanks Ilko! The photos looks nice. Kind regards. Marie Backhouse. Bergsig.

  2. Thanks Marie! We shall be seeing you soon again i hope ..