Saturday, July 27, 2013

A city to love

I wanted to put these up at the time, to share centrally here with few of you, and then i completely forgot - here they come to life below : unpretentious, yet true to the light within images of a a city saved from the floods in Europe in June (2013), a city i cannot stop going back to .. A city to love

Last year's smell ..

Three portraits ..

Few points of departure..

Pripyat in Bulgaria ..

Journey's end ..



  1. Good photographs. Through these, I feel like I drank way too much last night, woke up and tried to make my way to the airport with my eyes still very sensitive to light. Plus, maybe a bad headache!


  2. ;-) Now i look at them again and .. cannot agree more with you - i guess this is what happened after all ..

  3. Mr Alexandrov, I was wondering if you do nude photography & would you be interested in doing some of me? I'll of course cover your plane to Paris...

  4. Hi Alexandra ! Where did you disappear ?! No i do not do nude, never made anything out of nude .. Paris .. oui ca marche, c'est quand ?