Monday, May 13, 2013

Bergsig revisited

The place

I could not help it but go back there .. The tick bite i got there and subsequent fever could not change my determination to go back as soon as i could. And i went back there this past weekend. This time in a wonderful chalet "in the middle of it", and next to the rock pool. A chalet with pouch, which felt as if designed by a japanese master architect commissioned to do it in the African bush.

They say Africa stays in you when you leave it. The wild, the bush, the open spaces, the people - all  stay in you. I think im beginning to understand this. The sky, the sounds, the wild rough dry, the nights, the wind and the smell .. Bergsig is a gem .. Few places can touch it - Mabalingwe, included below, just barely making it, and Mabula not even letting us get in and spend money. What we all agreed is that we do not want to be in a crowd of people and million facilities - it is all about a native unadulterated South African bush of total quite disturbed only by the animals and the birds, no people please - the idea is to get away from our species with just few likeminded !

The photography

For me this was an equal, if not a more rewarding photographic experience than the previous time there. Opportunities - the frame jumping at you, the light, the fleeting moment at times - presented themselves again and again

Memories which will be cherished in the years to come - are reflected in images below. 100% iPhone imaging (except for the last LX5 photo). Two rolls of film - Natura 1600, being one them (!), are kept for later development and enjoyment. The LX5 took just a few shots and was virtually forgotten in the bag .. The entire bag then, with 3 cameras and 3 films in -  the Nikon 28 Ti, the Leica Minilux and the LX5, felt weighing less than a D3 body with no lens attached .. I am posting a discovery on the way there - Peet se Padstal and Una (the latter revisited) -  in a separate blog, which can be found here, if you curious enough ..

Here we go - first, the "commercial" images ..

And as we were walking back and chatting, i just turned to look back at the vista, only to see a giraffe standing there, looking at us ! For a split moment, it felt like i've walked into Dali's 'The Burning Giraffes' painting, just before he sets them on fire ..

Below - we were only too fortunate - two male springboks or impalas (?) fighting for what felt like minutes on end, without noticing us - all you hear was the locked horns and the associated knocking-like sounds. Eventually they sensed us, looked at us and ran together away, like running for life, to probably continue the fight somewhere else, in peace ;-) 
In reality, they looked closer, but this is the the 35mm view of the iPhone creating this somewhat exaggerated distance

And now, some images, that i would personally go back too more often ..

I just had to take the photo below : my favourite camera visiting (again) my favourite place in the North ..

Bookings are first come first served .. Life is too short not to ..



  1. Awesome Ilko. If you go again without taking me with....I'm never going to talk to you again!:-)

  2. Thanks love. But .. you are already taken ;-)