Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quick thoughts after phone cameras review

Interesting look at capabilities of 4 cameras, excluding tools, just looking at in internal camera SW .. I never had great results with the internal iPhone camera : limiting, boring, and uncreative in my view :

It's reassuring for me - i'd buy the iPhone again today after reading this review and seeing the low light images :

"The iPhone 5 is still a good option for mobile photographers, with good detail capture and pleasant image rendition in both bright and lower light. However, we were not impressed by the blown highlights in both our sunlight and flash portraits. The Apple device also tends to select very slow shutter speeds in low light which, given the lack of an optical image stabilization system, can lead to shaky images."

i shoot the iphone always with flash off and with EV-0.66 - -1.33 .. Precisely for the blown highlights. I feel i have remedied the issue to a large extent - in the end, images  come out very much as with narrow latitude (underexposed) slide film and acceptable gradation (for what the iPhone is).

Then with KitCam (in the iPhone) i have virtually NO blurred or fuzzy shots ! Even in difficult light.. From a moving car - i used to get 30 - 50% discards with Hipstamatic, and now 0 - 10% - with KitCam. Focus is instantaneous - i actually do not think of it at all while shooting, unless i want to change the focus point or spot meter. And all this is without the anti-shake enabled there - they must be doing something internally.

What this review does not mention is how well do the different images respond to post - processing : NR and sharpening in particular, with the view of detail recovery (somehow). The type of noise.The camera tools. The focus speeds. In my case, tools like Hipstamatic and KitCam enable the iPhone's magic. Are same (Hipstamatic, KitCam) available on the other platforms? Take the camera tools off my iPhone and im back to the LX5 or film only "in a flash" .

And finally, here's is something i came across, which echoes my feelings about iPhone 5 and application importance very well :

To be continued ..


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