Thursday, April 25, 2013

A thought on form and content

The subjects of assessment quality and information presentation do not seize to fascinate me .. I am one of those very few or very many who believe that form should not follow content - they should walk / run together

There are 5 dimensions id like to define for the purpose of this slice of thought :

1st  Dimension : Free format text, sentences. Bullets or no bullets. Personal interpretation reigns. Qualitative, subjective - are key words here

2nd Dimension : simple dashboard, tabular presentation with row and columns with single meaning at any point in time. Quantitative, closed for manipulation (from this dimension onwards)

3rd Dimension : "Complex" dashboard - a dashboard where color and color keys have meaning, defined symbols. Few cells here can equal a page or a few - in 1st above. A cell can tell a story ..

4th Dimension : 3rd Dimension +  timeline with history

5th Dimension : 3rd of 4th +  What-ifs / scenarios. The future view. Input parameters

I came to this realisation today : How many people are stuck in the 1st and getting progressively confused as they move up the numbers .. I feel im stuck in 2nd - 3rd, and do not understand well 1st, in fact getting frustrated and stressed if i have to work in the 1st dimension. 2nd is starting to make me happy ..

These are quick thoughts which will vanish as the snow last winter, tomorrow - when im on my way to  the bush, so wanted to quickly put them down now. You might find something to ponder about here .. i might come back and expand this subject which i still find fascinating and little explored (by me).


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