Saturday, March 9, 2013

Guess who will join us tonight !

As it is in life, as it happens, we get rewarded for waiting long enough - two magicians are back "on stage" again, very much with their best tricks to date : David Bowie and Bjork. The Next Day and Biophilia.

And if Biophilia is long time out now, The Next Day is seeing light for first time this weekend !

Upon hearing Bowie and his new album - im offering a small warning : If you are a big fan of Reality and Heaven, as i am, watch out - The Next Day cannot measure up somewhat - i feel its way too long in its 17 tracks, half of them feel like being B sides, and reminiscent more of noise than of a nice surprise .. Some 7-8 there deserve a repeat listen and are up there with the very best he's produced. OK .. here is how i see this album, what i thought it would be : Tracks 4,5,6,8,11,13,14,15 ..

As far as Bjork is concerned .. awesomeness .. read a review here. Im getting these iPad apps for each of the songs to see what crazy has she come up with this time around ;-)

Let the valves burn through the night, holography of visitors, unwinding the senses.


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