Sunday, February 3, 2013

Storm Corrosion

The more i listen to this Steven Wilson's "experiment" the more i feel happy for life, for what i have, for the fact that i did not die in the 70s.. This album is a revelation, a disturbing thought, a lesson for Thom Yorke & Radiohead and a bow to Pink Floyd and Sid Barrett !

A promise of things to come .. I just cannot but smile at the thought of Steven Wilson doing an album with Roger Waters, or Deerhunter maybe? Or Brian Eno ?! Or Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays !!!

Without reviewing each wonderful composition in this album, i'd like to assure you of a few things :
  • This is Steven Wilson at his best!! Even what Porcupine Tree could and should sound going forward ..
  • Magic is there - on a 100% valve setup, even better with EL34s in a strapped triode mode with Global NFB lifted / 0. Or analogue into an integrated KT120 based design !! Speakers .. I'll go for Tannoy magic here .. The ESL57s are sitting silently behind ..
  • I can die on track No 6. Life becomes one endless dive into a beautiful blackness .. It recalls gently and remotely Lyle Mays in his Lyle Mays album .. Or maybe some Brian Eno ?? Someone had to undo the spell and continue the slowing down of the metronom, down to the second and futher half a beat delay .. Until all the shit pop and 3 minute hell of screaming of whoever just dies and stays dead. Thank you Steve !! You are welcome in my house anytime for any 10 years or more stay and listen ..
  • The greatness of Mikael Akerfeldt is all there but ever so "in control" .. I'd say this is evident in No 1, 2 and 5 in particular, i think .. And this is when magic begins to happen. The balance of sadnesses and the sadness of the journey itself
  • You love half tones and minor key evolving into full / major ?? Welcome to Heaven !

And No 6 is on again, and im finishing another edit here ;-) Do visit And remain sad. It helps you see through the pink fog


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