Thursday, January 31, 2013

Is film enough

I think so .. It is a different kind of experience - the more i shoot film the more i realize this ..

The new discovery : Ferrania Solaris 200 .. I simply love how it comes when shot 1 stop under, developed normally, and just scanned natively .. I can live with this film if Kodak finally disappears .. Im not a Fuji film colors person .. Never was

There is this balance in the colors, a warmth, a punch in this film and something wonderful (for me) in its slide film look / narrow latitude - only when shot underexposed i believe - which i simply love. And then the imperfection of f16-22, with all the vignetting and stuff .. I just want to shoot this film in bright light and EV-1 ! No flame now please - this is my personal journey and to many of you reading, this will bring a smile on or even a head shaking horizontally - please understand - im simply an experimenting and very analogue obsessed amateur photographer !

Well here are a few to check out how far have i gone in my "film only" affair ..

Camera : Leica Minilux, Nikon 28Ti
Development : Standard C41, no pushing
Scanner : Canon 9000f, native scanning - no profiles
PP : Denoise and sharpening : NI. Downsizing to 75% : EBP



  1. A true mirror of your soul :-)

  2. Sadly .. Or not .. In any case, you are one who can claim this statement true ;-)