Friday, December 28, 2012

Yashica 35 visits Fordsburg

And the 'Christmas series' won't be complete without few shots from a recent exhibition event at Hermann's (and other artists) studio, in the middle of Fordsburg ..

Results ever so slightly different i believe - from when the same film (Lomography X-Pro 100) comes out when shot with the Leica or the Nikon. Then somehow the Yashica locked the focus each and every time, even when i shot it from my moving car ! The focus is spot on in all the frames, only few of which included here.

I have since sold the Yashica .. I felt it induces too much of 'disservice' to my beloved Leica and Nikon .. And the Pentax Spotmatic, of which i seem to have lost somewhere the first roll shot in it .. Now i look at these and want it back. This 35mm CZ F2.8 *T* Tessar glass .. 

Anyway .. Enough mumbo-jumbo.. See a fab afternoon below, a summer Joburg afternoon, which felt so Cape Town-ish with the light and breeze in one ..


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