Thursday, December 27, 2012

Salvaging a Portra 800 fuckup

25 November .. The Bean .. Magnus Lindgren, Concord Nkabinde, Marcus Wyatt, Justin Badenhorst and Paul Hanmer .. Rarely do i see a band so well jelled and performance so extraordinaire - one night to be remembered for long, not only for the jam session and great food (as usual), but also for things gone horribly wrong with my second roll of Portra 800 - underexposed a stop or stop and 1/3rd in my trusty Leica Minilux ..

As illustrated below, from what could get salvaged, this turned into one major disaster, for reasons photographer, and later on, yesterday - the photo lab which managed to almost destroy this very same roll ! It got chewed and spitted out from the drum all curled and sticky - half rinsed / half dried, then fed into the stabilizer and dried again, acquiring further 'magnificent' scratches in the process, and then it turns out there's not a single frame in focus .. And if i never set foot in this Kodak lab with the rear by now Kodak machine and Kodak chemicals, there's a good reason for it. Sadly ..

May you always reach for the digital in the red-dark Bean at night, please! Here we go -  one more resolution for 2013 !


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