Thursday, December 27, 2012

Provia 400X recording absences

This was one hell of a nice surprise : the Fuji Provia 400X slide film, crossed in C41 using Kodak chemicals !

Not only am i loving the earthy warm rendition, and underexposed / pushed look, but im majorly impressed with the fine grain and sharpness of this film.

So .. Can you guess the camera ?? It is the Nikon 28Ti little wonder and shot at EV0, on a visit to the Aloe Ridge hotel in Muldersdrift area, Johannesburg. Petko, the giraffe did not show up, but few baboons and zebras crossed my path there .. When later the negative came out of development i almost fainted - seeing a light, even sepia tinted frames on the film, with not even the slightest hint of color present in the negative ..

And this is what came out from the scanner, no color correction, just sharpening :

So many absences .. it's so s(cr)eamingly quiet ..

OK, lets finish on a brighter note with 2 frames from the same film but different location - Fordsburg, Johannesburg. If you don't see anything brighter in these 2 below, then you have the same condition as me ..


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