Sunday, December 30, 2012


The poet of Joburg. The man who left me stuck in Troyeville. A master of brushes at night. Karl Gietl

Friday, December 28, 2012

Yashica 35 visits Fordsburg

And the 'Christmas series' won't be complete without few shots from a recent exhibition event at Hermann's (and other artists) studio, in the middle of Fordsburg ..

Results ever so slightly different i believe - from when the same film (Lomography X-Pro 100) comes out when shot with the Leica or the Nikon. Then somehow the Yashica locked the focus each and every time, even when i shot it from my moving car ! The focus is spot on in all the frames, only few of which included here.

I have since sold the Yashica .. I felt it induces too much of 'disservice' to my beloved Leica and Nikon .. And the Pentax Spotmatic, of which i seem to have lost somewhere the first roll shot in it .. Now i look at these and want it back. This 35mm CZ F2.8 *T* Tessar glass .. 

Anyway .. Enough mumbo-jumbo.. See a fab afternoon below, a summer Joburg afternoon, which felt so Cape Town-ish with the light and breeze in one ..


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Provia 400X recording absences

This was one hell of a nice surprise : the Fuji Provia 400X slide film, crossed in C41 using Kodak chemicals !

Not only am i loving the earthy warm rendition, and underexposed / pushed look, but im majorly impressed with the fine grain and sharpness of this film.

So .. Can you guess the camera ?? It is the Nikon 28Ti little wonder and shot at EV0, on a visit to the Aloe Ridge hotel in Muldersdrift area, Johannesburg. Petko, the giraffe did not show up, but few baboons and zebras crossed my path there .. When later the negative came out of development i almost fainted - seeing a light, even sepia tinted frames on the film, with not even the slightest hint of color present in the negative ..

And this is what came out from the scanner, no color correction, just sharpening :

So many absences .. it's so s(cr)eamingly quiet ..

OK, lets finish on a brighter note with 2 frames from the same film but different location - Fordsburg, Johannesburg. If you don't see anything brighter in these 2 below, then you have the same condition as me ..


Salvaging a Portra 800 fuckup

25 November .. The Bean .. Magnus Lindgren, Concord Nkabinde, Marcus Wyatt, Justin Badenhorst and Paul Hanmer .. Rarely do i see a band so well jelled and performance so extraordinaire - one night to be remembered for long, not only for the jam session and great food (as usual), but also for things gone horribly wrong with my second roll of Portra 800 - underexposed a stop or stop and 1/3rd in my trusty Leica Minilux ..

As illustrated below, from what could get salvaged, this turned into one major disaster, for reasons photographer, and later on, yesterday - the photo lab which managed to almost destroy this very same roll ! It got chewed and spitted out from the drum all curled and sticky - half rinsed / half dried, then fed into the stabilizer and dried again, acquiring further 'magnificent' scratches in the process, and then it turns out there's not a single frame in focus .. And if i never set foot in this Kodak lab with the rear by now Kodak machine and Kodak chemicals, there's a good reason for it. Sadly ..

May you always reach for the digital in the red-dark Bean at night, please! Here we go -  one more resolution for 2013 !


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A December Not Yet

As difficult as it is. December creeped in with rain and brought with the usual well planned and short lived family reunions .. End of another failed attempt to depart and leave it all behind. Stuck in between arrivals and cameras from 5 decades. The fridge is full of film. The wine will tell the truth. The truth doesn't set you free. Not yet


Sushi at Japa

There is only one sushi chef left here. There is only one Ken Kikuchi San..


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Message from a friend

A friend, a soul mate, i've never met in person, but who i feel closer to than mnay "physical" friends, sent me this in one of our correspondances :

Two sayings that I want you to remember. " Life's about the journey, not the destination." and last but not least, " We're here for a good time, not a long time!"

I felt immediately better, with all the crap surrounding me as of recent, and if im asked to complete his wisdom with a No 3, to get to a great unbalance and asymmetry of 3, i can only add my own thought and idea about getting there with life as it is, with any life : 

It's a lot to do with how you perceive the glass "in front of you" during the journey - is it half full or half empty ..

I wish you'd come down and visit sooner if you are reading this ..