Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Infinite Joy of Hipstamatic

I have a dilemma .. A huge one : Do i sell all digital cameras (read here: the ones left with me, not yet stollen) and just shoot this camera, commonly referred to as iPhone, or wake up to the reality of smudged detail in anything >ISO50 or 100 and go back to the trusty L1 with the Leica in front and all the film bodies ??

Not sure, and will think and think about it until .. In the meantime, I'm sharing some images taken with the iPhone 5, which make my heart sing and think of donating all digital and some of the film cameras i can still see around ..

Call me mad, but i get a serious lift with this imperfection of underexposure, all against all rules of whatever, the colors and lack of detail .. Why detail after all ? Why not the frame, the subject ?! 

Are you happy with 800p great image you oove or with a 12800p image or something .. In other words, does the image size affects the image taken, the image quality .. i personally do not believe so, and this is not because of this or any other mail here. Your mileage may vary, but i believe in the content and "format" than in the size / resolution ..

I hope you find something in these below.. 

Let's roll then .. (portraits of lost women in early evenings, strictly on request. If any taken..)

This is it .. 

For those who reached this point : No PP .. No denoise, no sharpen here, i have tested a particular sharpen algorithm and simultaneous resize to 75% which blows my mind off with the results, but nothing here .. This is what the iphone saw and i wished all my cameras could see this too.

And i simply fell in love with 1:1 format! I must find out if there's any other format to shoot images in .. And finally .. i hate Hipsta guys for not letting us have (buy!) W40


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