Monday, November 5, 2012

Fujifilm X10 revisited

After spending few months in the wonderful world of film, i decided to give a quick run of my X10 which has not seen much use since i started shooting film.

A lesson from film was applied in this shoot - it was shot at EV-2 to get (hopefully) closest to the wonderful undetailed shadows and blacks of film, the way i want film to be, a underexposed / pushed Kodachrome 64, or Kodachrome 64 shot just before / after sunset .. Whatever i remember from it ..

Disclaimer : All this applies strictly to daylight and low light / twilight, and not for night shoots

So .. To cut it very short, im extremely pleased with the results - some of which published below .. I'm ever so close to my dream look, without doing any major PP - a very simple "dehaze" preset was  applied on the images below, in Aperture, following an Auto Contrast in PSE .. This is all.. The dehaze does its wonders though, and it is difficult to explain here but it works on contrast, pink haze, blown highlights, mid tones gradation and plasticky greens - in tandem, with the end result being an image a notch closer to analogue look and feel, especially as in my previous post.

Finally, they look as if they were shot 1/2 hours later in the late afternoon - i clearly remember the light - and i like this a lot - they are just this much warmer and "shouting absences and dark" louder, from these very trivial compositions. I perceive them this way anyway ..

I will buy this camera today still, almost in a heartbeat, and with all the wonderful Canons, Nikons, Sonys and Fujis that came out this year

Few final notes / things to try with your X10 :
  • No shadow pull in PP, but can be done with great results if necessary, i believe
  • Daylight shots - PSE Auto Contrast, mixed light or night / electric - PSE Auto Color !
  • No out of camera sharpen of images below, and sharpen in camera set to standard. Auto WB. Provia film. Avg weighted  metering
  • Vibrancy, is in fact suppressed in the preset, and they still look a bit too saturated to me. Something with the greens bugs me a little in some fo the images ..
  • All OOC Jpg, at half size, Auto DR / EXR .. I could pull the contrast a bit in-camera i guess, for a very slight shadow lift
So have a look at the results ..

And finally once more, here is an interesting review you may not have come about yet


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