Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The purpose of photography

A thought has been bugging me in the recent months : Why shooting at all ? What's the purpose of my photography?

Here are the 7 mantras from my "mechanical analysis" of my reasons to photograph . Not that i'll stop shooting without such analytical platform ..

  • Photography as Time travel / escape to better times. The only presently available time travel, one very elegant way to freeze time, people, places for later revisit - that is photographing them now
  • The love for Magical Realism. Magical Realism, or even better explained here, is the type of art which shakes my senses and world. The type i strive to produce and perfect. The camera as a tool to record not what is there, but what is not there .. the absences of things.
             "Loosely speaking, magical realism can refer to works in which fantastical elements are subtly introduced into 
              a highly detailed, realistic setting and then treated as normal in the course of the narrative."
  • The sense of achievement. Provided a highly critical view of own work is present, then selected few frames by the author can subjectively bring this (immensely) gratifying sense of achievement and completion. This can also be shared so easily with the world, online, in these days of Internet ..
  • A girl in front of the Camera. Girls want to undress for my camera, or want to be shot as in a model shoot and then pose in most wonderfully (stupid) ways. 
  • The film as receiving a present. Steve Huff (?) described the collection of a film from the lab as receiving a present .. I cannot but agree with him, having experienced very much this same feeling. So i receive presents every month these days.
  • The other Income stream.. It just might happen (one day) that some of the works get to be liked too much by someone and even purchased. Or simply given and made one happy, made both "donnor and recipient" happy .. Or published as a photo book in the local book store.
  • The film as input to oil work. I find this to be a good reason here, however infrequently it happens : There is something i'd like to put on a canvas, i snap it for later consideration ..
This is it .. Short and sweet .. Are you taking note ?!

Yes ? No ? Go out or go in and shoot now !



  1. My purpose = This autor

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