Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Zengobi's Curio or Apple's Numbers !?

I cannot decide on my diagraming, mind mapping and general graphical / dashboard work and workflow .. The two above are fantastic for diagraming, with Numbers taking a slight lead when i hit my iPad .. 

It will eventually boil down to whether i work mobile or office for diagrams and dashboards, and this will decide, i know, but right now, i cannot make the call, and if i did not have all these complex diagrams, timelines, workflows in Curio, i would have probably opted for Numbers ..

In any case, thank you Apple and Zengobi ! And now more money to leave my bank account ..

And the verdict is ..

Curio on Mac(s)

  • Diagraming, Tables images in documents. Great search engine.
  • All Research and Plan Work at office or home
  • Various formats and sharing ability
  • Many a format support (NB not import but copy and paste)
  • Library of (project) work
  • Better structure, organization and 'birds eye' view
  • Backup and unlimited size !
Numbers on iPad
  • Mind maps, idea charts on the go !
  • Complex sheets / dashboards, in the office or when mobile
  • Full Excel support !
  • Limited size, unknown performance under large volume
  • Cloud / interface - still pretty closed ..
Imagine the workload, stress and productivity requirements of now, transposed in the early 90s or late 80s and without these .. Pen and paper ? And a gun ?


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