Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Johannesburg Art Fair, Sandton, September

Here is a quick reportage of this event, which took place in early September, in Sadton, and was miles ahead of the last 2-3 such in the previous years - that is how i felt .. Could be the foreign presence, or a more careful selection, but it felt like talent was thriving in the Sandton Convention Centre like never before..

For those of you who missed the show this year, which, i believe was very short-lived in its 3 days lifespan, you can think of September next year to catch up.

Fujifilm X10, with 2-3 iPhone frames ..

On to the images .. Firstly - people visiting art exhibit images ..

And finally few images of art itself, devoid of the people ..


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  1. Overall, really nice exposures despite the difficult lighting conditions!