Monday, September 24, 2012

First roll of Fuji Natura 1600 !

Been away with lots on the plate (wish it was a plate at Japa sushi restaurant), and have dropped the ball here .. 

In attempt to revive this blog, and while 2 rolls are getting in the lab tomorrow, i'm posting here few frames of this wonderful high speed film - the Natura 1600.

I am not sure by now if i shot it pushed 1 stop (Nikon 28Ti), i think i did, but it was processed at box speed in the lab. In any case, i like very much the twilight results. and will shoot it again, even going for 5 'control shots' - same scene at EV0 and EV-1 - just to get it right and see what im missing at normal exposure vs pushing it.

My daughter will soon be my height, the way she's growing ..

This one is definitely EV-1, and im not sure i like the way it turned out. It was very dark though, very challenging. I felt i should go for faster shutter, and pushed it ..



  1. I like the slightly subdued colors here, and the whites are brilliant.

  2. Yes, thanks, Mark. The whites - i agree.. And such fine grain, its unbelievable in the daylight shots