Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to live to 100+. Once again

A fresh update below, high level summary, coming with the support of numerous and recent studies and extensive research (by MDs and Biochemistry doctors, not by free lance nutritionists - my full respect to them), facts, which many doctors dispel and/or rather keep secret from you ..

Same model is possibly the only one working for 'naturally' obese people, ie those not subject to particular medical condition leading to their obesity - for weight loss and muscle increase. 

Finally, this model is not reliant on moderate or heavy continuous exercise and calories burn. Although moderate exercise in almost any form, simply strengthens the efficiency and effectiveness of the 'concoction' below

Details upon personal request ..


Zengobi's Curio or Apple's Numbers !?

I cannot decide on my diagraming, mind mapping and general graphical / dashboard work and workflow .. The two above are fantastic for diagraming, with Numbers taking a slight lead when i hit my iPad .. 

It will eventually boil down to whether i work mobile or office for diagrams and dashboards, and this will decide, i know, but right now, i cannot make the call, and if i did not have all these complex diagrams, timelines, workflows in Curio, i would have probably opted for Numbers ..

In any case, thank you Apple and Zengobi ! And now more money to leave my bank account ..

And the verdict is ..

Curio on Mac(s)

  • Diagraming, Tables images in documents. Great search engine.
  • All Research and Plan Work at office or home
  • Various formats and sharing ability
  • Many a format support (NB not import but copy and paste)
  • Library of (project) work
  • Better structure, organization and 'birds eye' view
  • Backup and unlimited size !
Numbers on iPad
  • Mind maps, idea charts on the go !
  • Complex sheets / dashboards, in the office or when mobile
  • Full Excel support !
  • Limited size, unknown performance under large volume
  • Cloud / interface - still pretty closed ..
Imagine the workload, stress and productivity requirements of now, transposed in the early 90s or late 80s and without these .. Pen and paper ? And a gun ?


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Johannesburg Art Fair, Sandton, September

Here is a quick reportage of this event, which took place in early September, in Sadton, and was miles ahead of the last 2-3 such in the previous years - that is how i felt .. Could be the foreign presence, or a more careful selection, but it felt like talent was thriving in the Sandton Convention Centre like never before..

For those of you who missed the show this year, which, i believe was very short-lived in its 3 days lifespan, you can think of September next year to catch up.

Fujifilm X10, with 2-3 iPhone frames ..

On to the images .. Firstly - people visiting art exhibit images ..

And finally few images of art itself, devoid of the people ..


Monday, September 24, 2012

First roll with the Yashica

Here is Lomography X-Pro 100 Chrome, the film i chose to load in my just delivered  35mm Yashica.. 
Still a  very cold winter in these frames here. The Yashica delivers but has some very awkward 'features', like reseting the flash setting with every exposure. 

Like it though, and is sitting permanently in the car, eveready ..

And here's Dr Valkova, a rare encounter with happiness in SA .. In yellow



First roll of Fuji Natura 1600 !

Been away with lots on the plate (wish it was a plate at Japa sushi restaurant), and have dropped the ball here .. 

In attempt to revive this blog, and while 2 rolls are getting in the lab tomorrow, i'm posting here few frames of this wonderful high speed film - the Natura 1600.

I am not sure by now if i shot it pushed 1 stop (Nikon 28Ti), i think i did, but it was processed at box speed in the lab. In any case, i like very much the twilight results. and will shoot it again, even going for 5 'control shots' - same scene at EV0 and EV-1 - just to get it right and see what im missing at normal exposure vs pushing it.

My daughter will soon be my height, the way she's growing ..

This one is definitely EV-1, and im not sure i like the way it turned out. It was very dark though, very challenging. I felt i should go for faster shutter, and pushed it ..