Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ektar 100, Pushed. Nikon 28Ti

My first roll of Ektar .. When i saw what was coming out of the scanner i thought i had died and went to Heaven .. 

It does look Kodachrome 64, but with certain (beautiful) shortcomings of the Kodachrome 64 - tamed down, like the blue cast - it seems to me .. Could it be that i shot it pushed 1 stop, wanting to crush the shadows and increase contrast - just in case ? And how will it come out in the Leica ?

We'll all know soon ..

One thing is certain though - I can already see myself ordering tons more of this slide-looking negative.

Here are few fresh samples of what can be had with the Ektar 100 - just off the scanner. No digital darkroom, only batch sharpening and resize to 33% of original (2400dpi) scan ..

8 July Update

I was scanning using the "wrong profile" - Ektar 100 Gen I - which as it turned out, crated images rather of pushed lomography or maybe even pushed Kodachrome 64 ;-), than Ektar 100 .. Images below reuped using no profile - generic scan of what is there on the film ..

Original, Ektar Gen I profile scans :

And the Grace Hotel did not become ANC offices, but a Tsogo / Southern Sun hotel/property with seemingly wonderful champaign bar, and we also had complimentary drinks - they kindly refused my payment, and it is opening officially this Monday ! Yes!


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  1. Wondrous color! This makes me anxious to get my first roll of film out of the Nikon N75.