Monday, June 11, 2012

Sofia, May 2012, Leica Minilux hits the streets ..

The month of earthquakes, endless rain, UFOs, yes, UFOs (on 1st June) and a lot of cigarette smoke .. The latter is one good reason, i cannot live very happy in this, otherwise wonderful city with its melancholia of years passed

The Leica performed as expected - bellow are some of the (public viewing) shots from this trip. 

The "big" discovery was Elitechrome 100 film, as well as the Lomography CN 400 ! The Elitechrome recalling the magic of Kodachromes of yesterday, and the Lomography, well, bringing finally the tonality i've been searching for with digital for so long, but with the added gradation and analogue look, which only film can give you..

Enough words, let the images talk. See if you find something you like bellow, and i'll give you more details - should you request such

Here we go..

The first 5 images below are the Elitechrome in E6.

20 June Update :

I have rescanned the Elitechrome .. Slightly improving on tonality and light (during scan only). Minilux and Elitechrome 100 are like match made in Heaven.. This being my first roll of E100 i ever shot, and my first film camera in many years allows me to request a tolerance of first efforts or i grin i guess ;-) 

So i just ordered 10 more rolls of fresh E100 .. Few more images added below - now it is the first 8 that are Elitechromes .. Shot and developed at box speed, but very slightly "pushed" in scanning. All scanned with the same setting - no individual image adjustment ! Absolutely no further processing besides some sharpening and resize.

End of Elitechome 100 .. Time for some Lomography, but .. with target Polaroid emulsion here .. soon to be updated with the original, "weird" Lomo look - rescanning everything natively ..

Below is the "earthquake shot" as i call it ;-)

Here's the Tzipura in sea salt - a memory of one of the greatest cooked fishes i ever had .. At the seas side ;-)

OK .. here's a guy at the Red House ..