Friday, June 15, 2012

Leica sends winter messages

Some of them are of love, some from need of more dark, other - in need of a different film .. In any case the magic of unsharp and undetail continues this side of film. I simply love it .. This was urgently put together for my ghost model. She's caught again in absences too many ..


Scanning quality (detail loss), as you'll detect below is far from desired .. It's a compound "disaster" and effect of scanner and software combined. One thing though - the colors, and the ambience as such is here the way it was there and then some more .. 

And lastly - im starting to prefer Lomo X-Pro 100 film over Lomo NC 400  - these btw, were the two films used in this shoot

None of the images below are processed in any way, but only gently sharpened in 2 stages

Coming home is always an experiment of sorts : art, security, deja vu, ghosts ..

Will be back ..


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