Sunday, June 24, 2012

iPhone or iFilm - a camera with cellphone features

Camera which has a phone

The iPhone is such a wonderful camera - it even has a telephone and messaging capabilities ! This is what comes to my mind when i developed the many images taken during my recent trip to Sofia, Bulgaria. The sense of being in the photo, and the feeling of analogue are only bettered by the films i shot with my Minilux recently

Chrome films look

And then the color balance and cast, or rather the absence of such : 
there is something very chrome-looking in them. If you gave me scans of chrome/slide film, lets say pushed Elitechrome 100 and you mixed them with what i get with the iPhone, i might call them up incorrectly - which is from which camera! It could be that i shoot / expose for the very light areas, purposefully, thus “pushing” the iPhone, looks like 2 stops or so to me - it could be this, but im absolutely in love with the results. The film bodies are here to stay and be shot of course, but all the other digitals .. I feel like if one is in digital and does not have to print > A4, the iPhone brings back some magic of analogue of days past, if we put aside dynamic range and gradation ! 

The workflow

Worklfow was kept very minimal : 1.Neat Image (batch, custom preset) > 2.Aperture (batch, custom preset). The Aperture was mostly concerned with removing the cast from the whites and blacks and some  further sharpening. And this IS it .. None of the images were individually worked on .. None were even straightened or cropped for better composition.

Final words

Im finding in my growing use of the camera, that it does not like high contrast-midday sun scenes, nor very dark / night photography ..I failed to get anything i really like in such conditions, and while the very bright can be fixed and toned down, i really like to have the wow with this camera - with straight OOC gems - and stay with very minimal processing. The iPhone camera shines and low light and rain light and i intend to shoot it in such light mostly.

Finally, the results as seen below (many images!) are not much different when viewed at 100% - detail and noise profile are quite acceptable if not film looking even !

On to the images ..


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