Monday, March 12, 2012

X10 visits Jozi

This camera continues to surprise me in the most of wonderful ways .. Today she visited Jozi, a quick visit, did not leave the car even, but saw things she liked.

I think i never felt so close to film until today and these few selected below should attest this to a large extent. I can only think of the L1 with the 14-50 Leica and and then the G11 - being very close to this rendering and focus, especially when considering that they were all taken from a moving car, while driving. The former - needed special treatment for magenta cast though, the latter - pretty close ito colors, overall balance and maybe  - contrast, but nothing like this resolution and DR .

And these are only 6MP images .. Virtually no PP ..



  1. Hi, what are the settings from the last 2 photos? Especially interested in the shuttertime and aperture..

  2. Here are the settings below - the important once .. Tried to paste here the EXIF from aperture but failed :

    EXR DR Auto, so 6mp
    Spot Metering
    Provia, but color Hard
    +2-1 WB shift
    Auto WB
    ISO 3200 Auto
    Centre focus
    IS - on shoot
    M Low denoise
    Standard Sharpening

    The camera shot the image at iso2500.