Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fuji X10, a feeling of warmth and of a fast LC1

I guess, i should have a separate group for this wonderful discovery - the Fujifilm X10 ..

I believe that happiness can be measured, and thus - aimed at and achieved. It's perhaps all to do with little wonders like the X10 from Fuji :

   1. Camera body - the way it was - rangefinder and nothing else sort of ..
   2. Absence of post processing - less of it please .. Looking out for the right shot,    
       not massaging everything to death.

NB. Full size ~ 2.5 M image



  1. Hey Great Blog... really cool!

    Yes, I have also got that little x10 Beauty... also loving it!

    Post some pics here! I would love to see some more... I'm in CT and seen yr link at FujiTalkForum ... Regards
    Jorge Rubia

  2. Thanks Jorge !

    Im having as strong of love affair with the X10 as i had at the time with the LC1. Just that now i have a very responsive camera in my hands. Im starting a "X10 and the absences" blog here .. you'l see the images within a day or two, and they'll be coming often - my other gear, except the L1, is getting back in boxes and ready for a new owner ..

  3. Cape Town is one amazing city .. Enjoy every minute