Monday, February 20, 2012

Pinise Saul & Bheki Khoza at the Bean

Here are few images from another night of pure elevation at the Lucky Bean.. Not only for the great performance (if slightly short), but also for the great and different, with a twist of Thai - kinglip partnered with the "liquid strawberries" Springfield Wild Yeast Chardonnay .. 

Thanking once again the great hosts of the Lucky Bean - Conway and team.

Another night there to be remembered and recalled with a smile - especially when shot with the new and magnificent so far ISO 1600 Kodachrome 64, and here - behind a Leica piece of glass ;-)


Rollei Retro 80s is also an option, yet it felt color yesterday, and it felt Afro rich with some (slowly getting to your bones) jazz in the mix ..

But lets have few more Kodachromes ..

I'm sure Mr Lynch (and a rabbit) will enjoy few drinks in this bar..



  1. If I am every able to visit SA....surely I must come here for the live music! I always enjoy the images from this place.

  2. Yeah .. it's like so yesterday and so simple and effective