Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cape Town revisited, Day 5-6

Yesterday and today were the days of unexpected encounters, financial loss generation, and departure from where one should always arrive home.

The events of these last 2 days ..

On 5th we finally made it to Kalk Bay and its beautiful Harbor House over the sea. Few large seal were playing in the water, i went to the bottom step for a special, sea level shot, when one of them rushed to meet me, "smiling with teeth", so i rushed back up the steps to avoid my first encounter with enraged seal and in the process my iPhone flew out of my shirt pocket landing face down on the concrete and getting "few cracks in it", This will cost me R1000 to repair now..

Anyway, food was great, and the sea was like washing us from below. 

Here is a shot from the mens ..

That's what you see when you lift up your head while doing the thing standing ;-)

The trip back was gorgeous - again passing Chapmans pass, and all surrounding beauty.

Later on, we made it to Paranga, Camps Bay, where we had some late night light meals and sushi and some more fun. I even attempted this in total darkness - Mr K in the sand of Camps Bay.

My LX5 battery finally died .. Switching over exclusively to the iPhone .. 

Cubana "for deserts" (which was still alive late at night), only to witness how a bunch of security guys were chasing a robber (stealing the cell of "a white man") and eventually catching him .. Their dedication to NOT have crime in their city was astonishing and very refreshing .. Only if we had this atitude up here in Joburg .. A tranny couple came in out of nowhere, one of them was a real double of the one (main character) in Madame's Butterfly (Jeremy Irons) movie ..

Today was a good if slightly chilly day at the Winchester (german) hotel in Sea Point. Their wonderful fresh draft Polaner (best beer in the world?) to rescue

Of course nothing is complete without a goodbye visit to the Wakame, top deck ..

The landing at OR Tambo was more bouncing, than touching down - another "near death" experience i wish i did not have .. The FO was a happy woman during most of the flight and i suspect she landed the plane in the end ..

Here are few more shots if you did not have enough of it already .. Mixed LX5 and the iPhone

Thank you for coming here to share my enthusiasm. 

Foot note

All images of these 6 days were batch processed, ie no individual processing / adjustment / HDR / beautifying / recovering. No filters, tripods, and light meters - many shot from the car window while driving. 

11 Dec 2011 

The just completed refresh of this block included some new images and new processing - underexposed (pushed) Agfa APX 25 tonality and red filter, combined with Rollei Ortho 25 grain


  1. Remember Ilko, there must be a relationship between the eye and the heart and your photographs can fix an eternity in an instant.

    Take care and be safe.


  2. Nice capture of the trip! Beautiful color from the little Lumix. just need an extra battery!