Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cape Town revisited, Day 4

Today was a very special day .. It was the bestest food feast we have yet had in CT, and it was scenes of raw nature and its people - the wonderful and rough Hout Bay !

So after crawling out of bed, checking the news and observing a beautiful day developing out, we jumped into the "voiture minimalistique et dure" and headed for .. Kalk Bay. Leo confirmed yesterday the great advise of Mr B that the Harbor house in Kalk Bay is a  place we should pay a visit. 

Sadly, a major jam at Camps Bay on the way, coupled with a fleeting glimpse of umbrellas hanging above the ocean made us rethink the plan, do a u-turn and park for lunch at one of the many fine places here - the 12 Apostels hotel.

There, we were had a restaurant and service experience, truly fit for its 5 *, and some of the finest variety and quality food i had for years, or at least since the wonderful brunch with Nick and Buba (?) at the Westcliff hotel in Joburg, years ago ..

I cannot start praising it enough ! We talk about fig infused Brie, fresh asparagus-potato-rocket salad to die for, salmon trout ever so gently smoked and fresh, most wonderful roasted chicken - far better than the Woolies one, this kinglip with an asian twist .. i'll stop here .. The desserts were like something coming from the movies ..

We spent most of the day there .. another memory to cherish. On the way back we simply .. went a bit further, and to Hout Bay. This place is a feast for lovers of "raw". The sardines were there (the sardines run is on early?), the seals initially looking like black dolphins were having a feast with them, obviously too full as they were catching and releasing them like for play than anything else. Little boys on the docks were catching them too - on simple strings and one offered us to take some home, and the beach was full of people entering the sea to meat the seals up and close but weary and somewhat scared of them ;-)

Ok, it was finally time to get back .. And i believe that nothing feels more like home here like the Cascades on the Promenade - i now can think of few of you i'd like to "take home" with me


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  1. Enjoyed your daily photo/word diary. Short and to the point. Also really makes me want to visit South Africa. Studied snapshots of a great experience for you.
    That blue type on black is very annoying. My eyes can't focus on it!

    Take care my friend,