Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cape Town revisited, Day 3

Today was a short trips day, lots of wind again and lots of fun and discovery. Earlier, a waiter told me that there is never wind in Bantry Bay .. maybe this is the right place for a flat one day..

Mr K went to see a diva - Hanelli Rupert at La Motte, i thought that i was too much in love with Callas still and stayed behind and faithful to the women i love ;-) News flash : Mr K just called from the car - in his own words : "out of this world" - the show, the food, the Rupert family .. 

Earlier, the lunch at the Pepper Club was quite nice, and we had a very interesting discussion with Mr K about the failure of BEE.

The view from Pepper Club ..

And here's what is behind the Pepper Club ..

The visit to Leo in his house on top of Camps Bay was the real treat though. Leo is the local imported or Audio Research and other beautiful things, and we spent 2.5  hours there talking systems and listening to his wonderful setup, and i was torn apart between looking (and listening) at his Audio research Anniversary / Clearaudio / Acoustat wonder, and at the sea curving down below ..Was not an easy choice and i found my eyes bouncing between both, with my soul dancing in Heaven. 

Needless to say i left the house with a pair of virgin Townshend Super Tweeters  - something i wanted to get for my 57s as a Christmass present last year, well .. it's Christmass time isn't it ;-)

The walk i took along Sea Point's Promenade and towards the sunset, with all the buildings basked in the late afternoon sun and all the people doing everything possible while looking very happy was as rewarding as anything here.. A different crowd in a different world. So, here are few images form there with noone in them ;-)

Nothing is ever complete in Cape Town, everything feels like for first time and just right.

Tomorrow is a day of travel and new places : Kalk Bay or Langebaan - we don't know yet ..

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