Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5 reasons

.. why im leaving Kodachrome 64 for Agfa APX 25 and Ilford XP2. 

Read the below with a great understanding that im not by anyway shooting down or diminishing the value of color photography ! Furthermore, not every point below applies to people carrying a 5d or M9, x1/100 - it is more of a low hanging fruit (to try) for people with simple P&S..

Ok .. here we go :

1. In B&W immediate attention is drawn to composition, light and subject matter, as opposed to to color in color photography - with its effect on our subjective perception of .. color and nature, and only then (in color photography) - to subject and composition

I can stop here .. this is one reason i find sufficient, but there is more ..

2. I can have black blacks / blacks devoid of detail when i do not want detail in them - at a touch of a button. I can completely kill noise in the low band / shadows, and still have detail and the image "perfect to purpose"

3. High contrast is welcome in B&W, and blown HLs are not such a problem anymore - and sometimes even "desired", eg to avoid grey whites. Monochrome tonal gradations fix the magenta, green and all other casts in midtones and shadows, so often present in color photography

4. The common problem of most small format digital cameras - plastic looking colors, can be completely managed and avoided all together in B&W. On a different angle, dull (weather) and flat shots often spring to life in B&W

5. I can now go back and relight / raise to life some old, first days of digital color images, which loos so alive and today when processed in B&W ! 

Something in this line ..

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