Friday, August 26, 2011

G11 - Cape Town - Kodachrome 64

There are many images in this post .. 45 in total .. But i left out equally good ~300 !

These were taken in March in Cape Town and the winelands and few - in Langebaan, some 100 km north of CT, now processed with my latest revision of my Kodachrome 64 simulation, im still smiling when i write these lines ..

Kodachrome is alive and well down here, and it's development is officially on in my little dry darkroom ;-) And Cape Town is beautiful as ever, and G11 might just enter my house again if she can produce such negatives ..

I hope you enjoy and come down soon - this IS the dream city ..


  1. The sky blues are beautiful here. Reminds me very much of the images I see in the lovely book, Ansel Adams in Color. the G11 always delivers detail that defies is "compactness" in size and price.


  2. Yes, true .. Im reprocessing selected shoots - liking the look too much ..