Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fetish for Tri-X

This is coming around again - irresistible itch to simulate this emulsion, "fix" it's shortcomings if any at all, and reprocess everything with it .. basically say NO to color

Nine random images here walking by in my suburb and taken with my still considered new - LX5 - illustrating the recent efforts in this direction : the Tri-X 400 film :


  1. These Ilko...I like very much. Beautiful contrast. Wonderful blacks..such drama. The skies are rendered beautifully. To me, this is what B&W should be!!


  2. Thanks Mark. we are getting there slowly : L1 i know what to do with Tri-X and it delivers, LX5 - looking good here, i must try some G11 raws with this preset .. still missing this camera .. And the LC1 of course !