Friday, July 29, 2011

The case for B&W, part 2

Or the case for color ?

The thing is that i could have advocated precisely the same by trumping  when color is essential, ie when B&W won't do for me - thus bringing color to the fore, as opposed to the actual case for B&W in harsh light.

A good case for color, situations only for color - aplenty. Here are some in my view :

1. After sunset, the twilight and nightlight
2. Overcast to very heavy storm weather
3. Low key autumn shots or shots filled with red
4. The Dawn hour
5. Certain macros, eg flowers and animals
6. The sea and seaside compositions in dull weather
7. Gallery / museum shoots
8. Nighttime portraits, assisted with very little light

Now, I need to admit that the original article did not tell well, if at all, two very important facts : 1. I am a Raw shooter, ie i do not limit myself to B&W, and 2. I see the subject / composition the way it is while taking the shot and "see and think B&W" only in post processing.

This part 2 was largely inspired by something a friend sent me - a quick review of a book called "Ansel Adams in Color". The short excerpts from the book, which i publish below as a Jpg, made me think further and find support and insight into this looking suddenly very subjective and fascinating matter : B&W or color ..

So what is Mr Adams saying on the subject ?

Here my short article and personal experience with "choice of emulsion" ends and shooting begins ..

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